Nonwoven abrasive is used for manual polishing of surfaces. Depending on the size of the abrasive grain, it can be used to perform various types of work related to grinding, cleaning and polishing. It is used for processing steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic and wooden surfaces. It is most effective for painted surfaces.

Today nonwoven abrasive is one of the most popular materials in the field of finishing treatment and final processing of the material surface. Nonwoven abrasive or Scotch-Brite came from the car painting industry and has got a foothold in the polishing products market.

The main quality of the nonwoven abrasive is the uniform layer removal with low clogging of the tool. We offer nonwoven abrasives in rolls, rollers and sheets of different grain sizes, which helps to perform various processing works from rough grinding to final polishing. Our products are characterized by high productivity allowing to achieve the desired result with the lowest material and labor costs.

Product range

Item number Grain L W
NS-229-152-VF 240-320 229 152
NS-152-1500-VF 240-320 152 1500
NS-229-152-M 120-180 229 152
NS-152-1500-M 120-180 152 1500
NS-229-152-C 80-100 229 152
NS-152-1500-C 80-100 152 1500