Felt polishing tips are used to obtain a mirror surface in hard-to-reach places. They are key tools for polishing joints at a small angle and cylindrical surfaces. Polishing tips allow processing stainless steel, non-ferrous metallic, painted, glass and plastic surfaces. They can be used with drills, screwdrivers and other tools with collet mechanisms.

The felt quality plays an important role in the production of polishing tips. Our polishing tips are made of fine-wool white felt of premium quality and the highest density in the complete absence of dirt and impurity that allows to carry out precision polishing and make the most effective possible use of a polishing tip. The consumption of polishing paste directly depends on the felt quality.

Our polishing tips are produced in typical sizes and on special mandrels holding the tip in the strongest possible way, excluding vibration, and allow conducting polishing works by both frontal and side surfaces of a polishing tip.

Product range

Item number D H h d
FH-32-20-25 32 20 25 6
FH-60-20-50 60 20 50 6