Felt face wheels are designed to hold the polishing paste within the area of surface treatment with angle grinders. Wheels are used for final polishing of products and improving their aesthetic appearance. It is designed to finish products made of stainless steels, non-ferrous and precious metals, paints, plastics, wood, leather, etc.

High-quality raw materials are used for the production of our felt polishing buffing wheels. This favorably distinguishes our products from the competitors' ones. Due to this, our polishing buffing wheels can endure the maximum loads set by the most demanding customers.

The main difference is the high density of 0.5 g/cm3 and at the same time the elasticity of the felt, which is achieved by the innovative production of raw materials. The felt does not contain impurities of coarse material and foreign particles that leave traces and "artifacts" on the treated mirror surface. This allows the polishing buffing wheels to work at high speed and maximum productivity, while ensuring high purity of the treated surface.

Our felt polishing buffing wheels will reduce the processing time and allow using our products for a long time!

Product range

Item number D d H
FRE-125-22-10 125 22.23 10
FRE-125-22-20 125 22.23 20
FRE-150-22-10 150 22.23 10
FRE-150-22-20 150 22.23 20